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Sophisticated World's Fastest Bicycle - Jagad-Aneh
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Sophisticated World's Fastest Bicycle

Written By WENDHA AGUS TANDRA on Thursday, November 17, 2011 | 6:22 AM

Normally the most rapid cycling is around 50-70 kilometers per hour and brought the bike if the speed is only 80-120 only. But the Fastest Bike In this world Has Sophisticated speed 133 km / h it was incredible, you try to imagine biking with a speed of 130 how do you think?

Bikes are manufactured by a Canadian company called Varna Innovation & Research Corporation. The fastest bike was ridden by Sam Whittingham and designed by Georgi Georgiev. really like the name of the Sundanese yah? Big Grin. Apparently the company is already a record-breaking subscription fastest bike almost every year and every category. Determination of the record-breaking taken in Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA in 2009.

Record of 82,819 mph or 133.28 km / h made on a category 200m flying start to the male drivers who travel a distance of 200 meters with a start already in a state run by a certain speed and when it hits the starting point then was only allowed to encourage bicycle riders as much as possible (flying start). If you love watching Nascar racing car or A1 GP yes something like that. The record has also been recognized by VIATeC Victoria Canada.

This bike is way shaped recumbent bicycle ride to lie down, legs straight and hands push the pedal is on the handlebar that is parallel with the driver's chest or neck. Much like driving F1 cars. Because it takes a good aerodynamic bikes are then covered with a fairing made from lightweight and shaped flat like a fish body and even the wheels are also covered only meyisakan quarter section could be seen. However, riders can still meilhat track because there is a material that is also light but transparent so that the cockpit like a fighter jet.


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